5 Easy Tips for Wood Floor Scratch Repair

Wooden floors are quite beautiful especially when they are perfectly finished and maintained. Because the floors are dominantly made from natural wood, they are suffering the risk of getting scratches, especially when sharp or rough objects rub on them. When these floors are scratched, usually there are permanent marks left on them which eventually destroy their aesthetic value.

The following are some most common ways of ensuring the wooden floor is kept smart for a longer time.

i) Gently clean the wooden floor. When doing routine cleaning of the hardwood floor, care should be taken not to injure the surface of the floor. The cleaner is advised to take care not to scratch the floor with a sharp object. The scratching brush should be soft enough. This will enable the hard wooden floor to maintain its color and texture for a quite long time even though cleaning is done to it regularly. Consequently, use chemicals for example soaps that do not react with the wooden floor. Liquid mild soap is necessary for this exercise.

ii) If the wooden floor has openings in it, make sure to use walnut liquid to fill the spaces. The liquid has a natural feeling ability and can be a perfect way of filling openings in the wooden floor. Alternatively, oil from coconut can also be used to kill scratches that may have made due to mishandling or from poor finishing. When applying the walnut oil, ensure that the oil is warmed within the fingers before applying it in the opening areas of the floor. Use a sponge or soft cloth to apply coconut oil in the worn areas of the wooden floor.

iii) Consider using commercial products to effectively clean the wooden floor, do not depend on the non-commercial cleaning agents. At times it is recommended to consider using commercially available cleaning products.

Some of these products are made up of ingredients which can act as a cure to your ailing wooden floor. They include Lumber liquidators, which have the ability to clean, polish, and reduce the appearance of scratches on the wooden floor. In the market, you will also be able to find Old English Scratch Cover, which is mostly available on Amazon. It is also a perfect cleaning agent.

iv) Color your wooden floor if the natural finishing of your floor is one which disintegrates or wears away with time, you can consider applying commercial paint to keep it fresh always. A mixture of paints can reveal a beautiful color. However, note that when cleaning the floor after coloring your floor, you properly choose products that will not interfere with the paint.

v) Shine your floor regularly with commercially available care products. Most of these products which are available on Amazon will give a perfect shine to your floor. An example of such products includes Minwax hardwood floor revives for reviving a wooden floor that has worn out.


It is important to jealously protect your floor from things that would destroy its beauty; consequently, this also enables the floor to last for a long time without much of color change. Wooden floors are extremely long lasting as compared to other types of floors. This is only possible when it is well- maintained.

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